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Elizabeth, 21, USA (WA more specifically), agnostic atheist, radical feminist (as opposed to the liberal feminism that is most common on this website, although I do lean politically liberal by the colloquial use of the term), in college double majoring in philosophy and music (vocal performance), minoring in theatre and English. If I don't post much, blame my crazy schedule.

Famous atheists I like: Bertrand Russell, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Douglas Adams, and more!

Famous atheists I don't like: Richard Dawkins, TheAmazingAtheist, and more!

I only argue with believers if they post on the #atheism tag.

Friendly reminder: Ad hominems are not a legitimate argument tactic.

I don't believe in "New Atheism."


Grammar-nazi post (I’ve made several of these, haven’t I?)

  • The words “atheist,” “atheism,” “atheistic,” etc. are not capitalized unless they are at the beginning of a sentence.
  • "Atheist" is not an adjective. The word "Christian" works as both a noun and an adjective, so you can say things like "I’m Christian" and you can refer to yourself as a Christian. That is not the case with the word "atheist." You can’t say "I’m atheist," it’s "I’m an atheist." If you must shorten it to two words it has to be "I’m atheistic," although that’s kind of weird. The word "agnostic," however, can work the same way as the word "Christian," so you can say "I’m agnostic." (Side note: atheism and agnosticism are not mutually exclusive in the slightest).
  • "God" should be capitalized when it is used as a proper noun regardless of whether or not you believe there is a god (note that in this context the word "god" was not a proper noun and I didn’t capitalize it). You can say "I don’t believe in God," or you can say "I don’t believe in your god." The first implies the Judeo-Christian god who is, for our purposes, named God. If it helps, think how you would phrase it if you were referring to Zeus. If you would use the name "Zeus" then capitalize it. If you would still use the word "god" even if the god you’re referring to is Zeus (the god, a god, your god), then don’t capitalize it. 
  • I refuse to capitalize pronouns unnecessarily. I know that some Christians capitalize the word “he” whenever it refers to their god. I will not participate in this foolishness and you can’t make me.

Any objections? Any grammatical pet peeves you want to add?

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    omg "I will not participate in this foolishness and you can’t make me" best statement of refusal ever
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  7. itsmissingpersonal answered: I choose to never capitalize the word god because I feel it gives credence and importance to something that deserves neither. Good post!
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    These are EXACTLY the rules that I follow. One side note: I always refer to the Judeo-Christian god as a “he” because it...
  10. bakingandbrews answered: I like this option. Or just always name “him” Yahweh or YHWH. I always thought it was weird like naming a human Human.
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    It seems strange to give Christians a special exception on the capitalization of “god.” It’s as if their god is somehow...
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